Film 66

My favourite format is the square 6×6, where the negative is almost 6cm by 6cm. The negatives look really huge in comparison with the tiny 36x24mm format of the miniature camera. The benefits of 6×6 is immeasurable, the quality increase is truly impressive. The gradation and crisp detail so superior to the miniature camera. I enjoy using a Hasselblad 500CM and a Rolleiflex 2.8C both of which are pure mechanical cameras in the tradition of the Leica. The latter, especially has a legacy almost that of the Leica. It is the Leica, which you can readily appreciate, is the most discreet of the cameras to use. Although there is a number of differing medium formats it is the square 6×6 format that appeals to me the most. I find the 6×6 format difficult to compose but most satisfying when correctly executed. I find this format in other people’s work the most artistically pleasing.

Here is a range of my 6×6 work and the subjects I like shooting.


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